Hi-Store works with Arcadia

With over 2000 outlets in high streets and shopping centres throughout the UK, the Arcadia Group has recently acquired a new site in Malvern, which, with the assistance of leading mezzanine floor manufacturer Hi-Store, has been transformed into a split-level retail showpiece.

It is the third installation in quick succession that the long established, Hampshire based company has completed for Arcadia, plus another in Edinburgh. The Malvern site, situated on a thriving retail park on the outskirts of the town, was targeted by Arcadia because of the economic prosperity of the area and the potential spending power of its inhabitants.

Arcadia have, once again, utilised the advantage of installing a mezzanine floor to maximise profits, as the strategic planners behind this retail giant believe 'the more sales space they have in their stores, the more goods they are likely to sell', thereby increasing the chance of a short payback and rapid return on their investment.

The store, comprising of Burtons, Dorothy Perkins and Evans outlets to target the distinct market segments of the Malvern consumer base, covers an area of 10,000 square feet, measuring slightly smaller than many of its other sites around the UK. The installation of the mezzanine floor has increased the capacity of sales space in this outlet by 50%, and is two thirds the size of the main floor area, with 10% of the total site being retained for storage of the retailerís high quality clothing stock.

The mezzanine floor and associated equipment was designed and approved by Arcadia's Design and Project Team prior to production, using close team-working between project managers and Hi-Store. Hi-Store's award winning and highly skilled installation teams completed the erection of the mezzanine floor within a timescale of one week. This high speed service contributed towards the overall success of the project where meeting deadlines was a vital factor in enabling Arcadia to see a quicker return on its investment by commencing trading at the earliest available opportunity.

Arcadia continually strives to keep investment costs down, but no expense is spared on projecting the quality image of its stores. On-going store appearance and maintenance are vital for both customer comfort and cost savings. The special features of the new mezzanine floor were largely ‘losing’ the   steelwork and, where possible, ‘rounding’ its corners. The supporting columns, with very few exceptions, are expertly disguised by incorporating them in other structures such as changing rooms.

Customers visiting the store are welcomed by an escalator which was installed to enhance their shopping experience and to encourage them to pay a visit to seek out the delights of the upper floor. A staircase was also installed by Hi-Store featuring a handrail fabricated from the polished steel favoured by today's top retailer designers, adding to the aesthetically pleasing features of this retail showpiece, characterised by Arcadia’s lighting and merchandising systems.


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“Hi-Store acted as the lynchpin for the project, working closely with Homebase, architectural design consultants, structural engineers and the main shop fitting contractors.

Homebase's image and products are all important and the mezzanine floor is cleverly integrated into the existing building design."

Project Manager, Homebase