1. How important is it that the information I provide is accurate.

The more accurate the information you provide at the enquiry stage - the more accurately we can provide the project’s quoted cost to you.

2. What about planning permission, is this needed for a mezzanine floor?

Planning permission is generally NOT required for the installation of a mezzanine floor. The Government recently introduced legislation to control the development of “Retail Floorspace”, which, in some instances, will require planning permission for mezzanine floors over 200m2 within retail premises. Please contact us if you require further advice.

3. How long from order to completion?

Week 1 - Detailed survey, design and production of general arrangement (GA) drawing
Week 2 - Client approval of design and GA
Week 3 - Structural steel manufacture
Week 5 - Mezzanine installation

Fasttrack options are available. Please contact us with your requirements.

4. What about Building Regulations?

If requested Hi-Store will take responsibility for obtaining all building control and fire regulation approval.

5. What are the size restrictions for mezzanine floors?

There are no restrictions to the size, shape, or height of Hi-Store’s mezzanine floors, which can be single, or multi-tier. Hi-Store’s mezzanine floors are customised to suit the specific requirements of the end-user, and the site.

6. Can I get approval of the mezzanine floor design before I commit to an order?

Should you wish to take this route, we will require a purchase order for design, drawings and calculations to submit for Building Control approval. There will be a nominal cost charged for this service, which will be deducted from the overall cost of the completed project.

7. How can I best prepare for the mezzanine installation?

Provide clear and unrestricted access to the area along with utilities and services. The better prepared the site is for the floor installation, the sooner it will be completed and the area handed back to you.

8. How will Hi-Store ensure that things go according to plan?

Each project is coordinated and controlled by a dedicated Project Manager, ensuring a single point of contact throughout the project for all technical, design, and installation matters.

9. During the installation, what Health and Safety measures are being adhered to?

Installation is carried out through a network of specialist, locally based, teams experienced and qualified in the handling and installation of mezzanine floors. All team members operate to appropriate industry approved standards.

“Hi-Store acted as the lynchpin for the project, working closely with Homebase, architectural design consultants, structural engineers and the main shop fitting contractors.

Homebase's image and products are all important and the mezzanine floor is cleverly integrated into the existing building design."

Project Manager, Homebase

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