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A mezzanine floor is basically a raised structural steel platform independent of your main building structure, supported by steel columns. It creates invaluable extra floor area from wasted air space above your existing work and storage areas, economically increasing the amount of space available to you.

It can be as small or large or tall as you like. It can be multi-tiered, have standard or special staircases, lifts or access gates, handrails or partitioning barriers. It can use wood or steel decking, be finished in special colours, and can be totally encased. Basically, you specify the design of the new floor space to suit your own business needs.

Beating the upheaval, downtime and expense of rebuilding or relocating your premises, a mezzanine floor allows you to get the best use - and the most return - from the total volume of your premises.

Mezzanine floors for

Mezzanines Retail Retail
  • More Retail space instantly
Mezz Storage Production Storage & Production
  • Low cost solution for increased production capacity
Mezz MultiTier Multi-Tier
  • For larger more spacious warehouses


Accessories-Bespoke Bespoke Solutions
  • Handrail, Staircase & decking solutions
Accessories-Handrail Handrails
  • Large selection
Accessories-Decking Decking
  • Wide choice
  • Hard wearing
Accessories-Staircases Staircases
  • Functional, stylish, compliant
Accessories-Pallet Pallet Gates
  • Variety of load sizes

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Cantilever Racking
  • Powder coated or Galvanised
Cantilever-InfAdj Infinitely Adjustable
  • Unique patented system
Cantilever-FixPitch Fixed Pitch
  • Single & Double Sided
Cantilever-RackSupported Rack Supported Structures
  • Ideal for Builder & Timber merchant yards

Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Vert Storage Vertical Storage
  • Quick installation for flexibility
Ancillary Stillages Stillages & Cages
  • Bespoke storage solutions
Ancillary Retail Retail Display
  • Canti-Track

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“Hi-Store acted as the lynchpin for the project, working closely with Homebase, architectural design consultants, structural engineers and the main shop fitting contractors.

Homebase's image and products are all important and the mezzanine floor is cleverly integrated into the existing building design."

Project Manager, Homebase