Storage & Production

Low cost solution for increased production/capacity

It makes complete business sense to look for the maximum productivity and flexibility from your existing facilities. That’s why the demand for mezzanine floors from the manufacturing and production industries is growing rapidly.

Your premises more than likely have unused headroom which can easily be converted into. say, extra storage space, allowing the ground floor to be used for maybe developing production. More space for the easy location and access of stock means you’re even more accurate in your selection, stock control and inventory management.

Whether in a warehouse, parts store, assembly area or production line, more space helps bring greater efficiency and profit potential to your manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and service operations.


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“Hi-Store acted as the lynchpin for the project, working closely with Homebase, architectural design consultants, structural engineers and the main shop fitting contractors.

Homebase's image and products are all important and the mezzanine floor is cleverly integrated into the existing building design."

Project Manager, Homebase